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Safe motorcycling is a matter of attitude and training.


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  • Have you always wanted to ride a motorcycle?

  • Have you been riding on a motorcycle permit for years, and do you want to finally get that endorsement?

  • Are you a teenager needing to meet the state's requirement of taking a motorcycle or moped safety course before taking the state tests?

  • Maybe you're an experienced, returning rider who wants to brush up on your riding skills.

Join us at RSRS!
Learn to ride and
earn your
in one weekend!
No experience necessary!
We even provide the bikes!

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Are you ready to ride?

Ride Safe, Ride Smart! Motorcycle Safety Training (RSRS) is recognized by the national Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  RSRS trains new, returning, and experienced riders in Fairmont, Minnesota.

Learn to ride with RSRS! We can help you earn your motorcycle endorsement or complete your safety course requirements with our Basic RiderCourse (BRC).  We even provide the bikes!  If you already ride, you can fine tune your present riding skills and street strategies with our Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2), or Intermediate Rider Course, on your own bike.  Either way, you'll have FUN learning and riding with RSRS!

Check our schedule for dates and locations.   Then, register online, mail a completed registration form with a check or money order to RSRS, or call Brent with a credit card number at 507-630-0551.  IMPORTANT:  If you're over 18 years old and you want to earn your endorsement through our BRC, you must have a valid motorcycle instruction permit which is current or expired less than one year *before* you start the course.

If you've been thinking about getting your own motorcycle, now is the time! We'll take you from finding the controls on the bike to riding confidently in one weekend - AND you can earn your motorcycle endorsement in the process.

Experienced riders, it's time to get legal with RSRS! You can hone your skills AND earn your license with a BRC.

With the late spring weather and the process of updating our program, we have decided to hold off on offering motorcycle safety training classes at this time. For now, we encourage you to seek out other MSF programs to earn your license and continue your training! Thank you for your continued interest and support! Always remember, "The more you ride, the better it gets!" 2018 class information for both novice and experienced riders will be posted on our schedule page in the near future. You will then be able to register for a class by registering online, calling Brent at 507-630-0551, or emailing us at debbyandbrent@gmail.com.

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