Ride Safe, Ride Smart! Motorcycle Safety Training
Located in Southwestern Minnesota

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On the way to Indy for the MotoGP race ~ August 2009.

Summit of Independence Pass, Colorado ~ June 2006.

Brent leads the First-Timers through the road course at DCTC for the Zalusky Advanced Riding School ~ July 2009.

Debby practices cornering at DCTC ~ October 2009.
Welcome to the world of motorcycling!

Ride Safe, Ride Smart! Motorcycle Safety Training (RSRS) is recognized by the national Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  Brent and Debby Jass were both trained by the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center.  RSRS operates in southwestern Minnesota.

At RSRS, our goal is to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable!  Our key messages include:
  • Get trained and licensed.
  • Wear protective gear.
  • Ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs.
  • Ride within your own skill limits.
  • Be a lifelong learner by taking refresher rider courses.

Brent Jass, Program Administrator
Brent grew up riding mini bikes with his brothers and sister.  His first bike was a Gemini SST80 that his dad bought from the local John Deere dealer.  Since then, he has owned many Hondas, BMWs, and Yamahas.  He loves motorcycling and has traveled the country in search of the ultimate motorbike experiences.  Wanting to share his passion for motorcycles with other riders, Brent trained to become a RiderCoach in 2003 and taught MSF courses
within the Minnesota State College and University system at the North Mankato, Albert Lea, Worthington, Pipestone, Marshall, Hutchinson, and Willmar campuses.  Seeing a void in his home area, Brent decided to start his own motorcycle safety training school in 2008.

Brent's latest venture is being an instructor and control rider for various riding groups at the Zalusky Advanced Riding School (ZARS), an advanced riding school run by Jessica Zalusky, former AMA professional roadracer.  Her school runs classes at Dakota County Technical College's (DCTC) driving range in Rosemount, Minnesota, and track days at Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, Minnesota, and Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  Brent has also taught a Low-Speed Maneuvers Class with Debby at DCTC for Hedonistic Enthusiasm.

Debby Jass, MSF RiderCoach and Third Party Tester
Debby put tens of thousands of miles on the back of Brent's motorcycles before she decided to ride her own bike.  She took a BRC herself and bought her first bike, a Honda 250 Nighthawk.  That training experience eventually led her to riding her current favorite, a Yamaha FZ6.  She started helping Brent during his BRCs as a range aide and decided to complete the MSF RiderCoach training during the summer of 2007.  Besides working with RSRS, Debby has taught BRCs at South Central College in Mankato, Minnesota.  Being a MSF-certified RiderCoach has allowed her to combine her love of teaching and motorcycles.

Debby is also involved with ZARS as a coach for the First-Timer Group.  She firmly believes that her experience on the track has helped her become a better street rider, and she encourages everyone to "try the track" at DCTC.

On a personal level~~
Brent graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1981 with a business and accounting degree.  He is currently self-employed. 
Debby graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1982 with a degree in education.  She currently teaches special needs students at the Mountain Lake High School.  They both enjoy motorcycling touring, doing track days, attending motorbike rallies, watching MotoGP races, riding dirtbike, and snorting around the twisties in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Colorado...  You get the idea. 

Safe motorcycling is a matter of attitude and training.
Ride Safe, Ride Smart!

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