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Jackson Cycle
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Worthington Sports Center
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Check out our ranges and our bikes!

Our fleet of training motorcycles is provided for student use during the range exercises and features many makes, models, and styles - including dirt bikes, cruisers, standards, and sport bikes.

Those bikes ain't gonna ride themselves!

The MSF curriculum is geared for riders of all legal ages, both genders, and different riding experiences.  Safety is our first priority.

Learning to ride in the rain provides a real-world experience.

Students receive individualized instruction with lots of practice riding.

Most students enjoy the weaves!

Students learn that "head and eyes up" makes riding a whole lot easier!

In a repeated split exercise, students get a chance to learn by observing.

Are you ready to ride?

Typically, our courses begin in April and run through October.  Our schedule will be updated frequently, so please check back for course availability and location.  Registration can be completed online, by mailing a registration form with a check or money order to RSRS, or by calling Brent at 507-630-0551. 

Courses will run regardless of the weather conditions; therefore, be prepared for rain, snow, wind, cold, and/or heat.  It is also important to bring plenty of warm/cold beverages to stay well hydrated during the course.  We will provide snacks and water, and there will be breaks throughout the course.  We reserve the right to postpone courses due to severe weather conditions or other unavoidable circumstances.

Cancellation/Refund policy:
If we cancel your course, you will receive a full refund.
If you cancel your course and give us at least two weeks notice, we will give you a full refund minus a $10 cancellation fee.  We'll waive this fee if you reschedule instead of canceling.

RSRS offers courses for beginning and experienced riders:
Basic RiderCourse - $249

Basic RiderCourse 2 (aka ERC) - $75
Moped Course - $45
Individual / Small Group Training - $249 and up

Basic RiderCourse_______________________________
The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is designed with new riders in mind.  No previous motorcycle riding experience is required for our BRC - just come with a good attitude and a willingness to have fun and try new skills!  It helps if you know how to balance and ride a bicycle.

RSRS is recognized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  MSF supplies our curriculum and materials, and you can learn more about the BRC through their website.  Our course uses The BRC Rider Handbook and The Basic eCourse.  Our BRC includes both classroom and riding instruction, with high-quality, personalized coaching and many hours of practice riding.  We provide both the motorcycles and the FUN!  Riders 18 years and older can earn their motorcycle endorsement by successfully completing our BRC.  Minors can complete their motorcycle safety course requirement by completing this course.  Our BRC costs $249.

Course Requirements
  • Participants must be at least 15 years old and possess either a valid driver's license or driver's permit.  Parents of those under age 18 must sign a consent/release form prior to riding instruction.  Course graduates must wait until they turn 16 to get their driver's licenses and motorcycle endorsements.
  • Participants must furnish their own protective riding gear: eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, full-fingered gloves, over-the-ankle footwear, and a DOT-approved helmet.
  • Participants must be able to ride a bicycle, as the skill of balancing is not taught in this course.
  • To successfully complete the course, 100 percent attendance is required.  Participants must pass a written knowledge test and a riding skill test.
  • Participants 18 years or older who possess a valid motorcycle permit and successfully complete the course may earn the state's skill test waiver and receive their motorcycle endorsement.  Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa residents can also earn their motorcycle endorsement through our course. Out-of-state residents should call Brent at 507-630-0551 for additional information and clarification.
  • Participants are encouraged to register in advance.  Participants can register for a class online or by mailing a completed registration form with a check or money order to RSRS.  Signing up early will allow students to receive course material earlier and provide them with more time to prepare for the course.  Enrollment is limited, but we will take walk-ins if there is room in the course.
Our BRC is about 16 hours long and combines valuable classroom discussion and practice riding on a controlled, closed parking lot.  To enhance student learning, class sizes are small with six to eight students. 

The classroom discussions activities explore rider behavior and include perception development and situational awareness activities.  

The riding exercises begin with very basic skills, such as mounting the motorcycle and identifying its controls, and steadily build to simulated street riding strategies.  The course is divided into two levels.  Level I concentrates on motorcycle familiarization, clutch control, throttle control, riding posture, and the four basic skills of motorcycle riding:  straight-line riding, turning, smooth shifting, and stopping quickly.  Level II uses the four basic skills to develop a variety of street skills, including limited-space maneuvers, countersteering, cornering, and swerving.

General Information

Training motorcycles are provided, and our fleet includes Kawasakis, Yamahas, Hondas, and Suzukis made for all different sizes and types of riders.

You may ride your own motorcycle in the course.  Your bike must be street legal, licensed, insured, and in compliance with the equipment requirements outlined in the Minnesota Motorcycle Manual.  You must show proof of insurance. This option is generally discouraged, but has been used by those who aren't interested in learning to shift a motorcycle with a manual transmission, or who only want to ride a scooter or three-wheeled motorcycle that doesn't require shifting. There's no extra charge for riding one of our motorcycles, and for most people, it's the best option.

BRC course graduates will be presented with a MSF course completion card and may be eligible for insurance discounts, as well as incentives and/or discounts from motorcycle manufacturers, dealerships, and/or riding clubs.  Check out the benefits described on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Be ready to present your MSF course completion card.

Basic RiderCourse 2 (formerly known as the ERC)_________________________
Are you physically and mentally prepared for this year's riding season?  Get prepared by taking a Basic RiderCourse (BRC2), formerly known as the Experienced RiderCourse (ERC), from RSRS!  Our BRC2 is geared for both new and experienced motorcyclists.  If you're comfortable on your own motorcycle and want to fine-tune your riding skills, our BRC2 is exactly what you're looking for.  Informal discussions cover perception and hazard awareness, riding strategies, traction, and risk management.  The on-cycle exercises cover skills in limited-space maneuvers, cornering, swerving, and braking.  Expect a ton of fun while becoming "one" with your bike!

Eligibility Requirements
  • Participants must be at least 16 years old and possess either a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement or valid motorcycle instruction permit.  Parents of those under age 18 must sign a consent/release form prior to riding instruction.
  • Participants may ride their own motorcycle or request to ride one of our training bikes during the course.  Your motorcycle must be street-legal, licensed, insured, and comply with the equipment requirements outlined in the Minnesota Motorcycle Manual.  You must show proof of insurance before the start of the course.  Contact us if you would like to use one of our motorcycles for a fee.
  • Participants must furnish their own protective riding gear:  eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, full-fingered gloves, and over-the-ankle footwear, and a DOT-approved helmet.  Rain gear is also recommended.
  • Preregistration will guarantee your spot, but walk-ins will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.
  • This course does not meet state licensing requirements for participants under the age of 18.
Our BRC2 is approximately five hours in length for groups of up to 11 riders and takes place entirely on the riding range.  It meets some insurance companies' requirements for training discounts, and some riding groups and clubs even offer partial cost reimbursement.  For example, members of Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) can get most of the fee reimbursed.  We heartily welcome groups of friends or organizations!  Our BRC2 costs $75. Discounts are available for current members of motorcycle clubs, members of the military, first responders, fire fighters, police, and RSRS graduates.

BRC2 graduates will receive a MSF course completion card. This course will NOT provide a Skills Test Waiver Authorization, meaning you cannot earn your motorcycle endorsement through this course.

Moped Course__________________________________
A moped is defined as having 50 cc or less, less than 2 hp, and capable of no more than 30 mph.  Our classroom-only moped course is a great introduction to riding and is currently hosted by our friends at Starr Cycle in North Mankato.  The three-hour course is required for anyone 15 years of age or older who does not have a driver's license and wishes to ride a moped on the street.  You may take the course if you are at least 14 years old; however, you cannot obtain your moped permit until you are 15 years old.  After completing our course, you can earn your moped permit by bringing your completion certificate to a state exam station and passing their knowledge test and skill test.  75.  Call Brent at 507-630-0551 to ask about anything related to moped safety courses.  Our Moped Course costs $45.00.

Individualized Training____________________________
RSRS can provide individualized training to persons or small groups upon request. An individualized BRC can work around your schedule and fit your specific needs. You can still use our bikes to earn your endorsement on your time schedule. Small-group BRCs start at $249.00.

Specific motorcycle training can be customized to your riding experience and needs.  You may use your own bike or one of our training bikes.  Specific dates, times, location, and cost will be determined on an individual basis.  Contact us if you are interested or call Brent at 507-630-0551. Individualized Training costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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