Ride Safe, Ride Smart! Motorcycle Safety Training
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After each exercise, the students discuss what they learned and liked.

Individualized coaching helps the riders build confidence and finesse.

Practice makes perfect~~

RSRS provides snacks and water throughout the course.
Hear it directly from our RSRS graduates ~~

"The course was excellent and worthwhile!  The RSRS staff was fun and knowledgeable."

"I liked the step-by-step progressive way of teaching.  I was a person who hadn't even sat on a motorcycle.  I learned from step 1 of mounting, all the way to taking the test.  The best part about the range was the controlled environment and the feedback and group comments.  The coach was very clear on instructions and very encouraging.  The course was perfect for beginners like myself!"

"The best part about riding on the range was improving my riding skills and working on bad habits.  Overall, the course was well worth the extra training!"

"On the range, we all worked on the task until everyone was comfy and relaxed.  It felt like a team."

"The RSRS staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.  The course was fun and informative."

"A great two days!  I had fun and learned a lot about the sport."

"The classroom was educational and fun.  I felt the staff did a great job working together!  Overall, the course was excellent!  Thanks! I will be recommending it to others."

"The best part about riding on the range was the experience of the drills and gaining confidence in my ability."

"I liked the interaction and the DVDs in the classroom.  The RSRS staff was very good and made it very easy to learn.  The time was well-managed.  It was one of the best courses I have attended."

"The best part about the classroom instruction was being able to see what we needed to do on the course and not just diving right in."

"The coach was kind and offered good tips on certain skills."

"The classroom gave all the techniques to use when riding safely.  On the range, the coach went over the moves if you didn't understand.  The course was very informative."

"The RSRS staff made the course worth having and taking.  Down to earth.  The classroom interactions and DVDs were great learning tools."

"The best part of the range was getting hands-on experience and good coaching."

"I felt the RSRS staff was very energetic and up-beat.  We went through the material well.  The best part about riding on the range was that it was safe."

"The classroom was laid back, not stressful."

"The RSRS staff was personable, positive, and approachable.  The most valuable skill I learned was looking up and looking ahead and finesse on braking."

"This is a great course.  Everyone should consider taking it."

"I like the personal feel and comfort of the classroom.  The videos were also beneficial.  Awesome job!"

"Excellent class.  Glad I took it.  I will recommend to any friends who are getting a license."

"I liked that there was no pressure from the instructor.  The course was very educational and a good learning experience.  The RSRS staff deserve a very big thanks for helping young and old riders, beginners and experienced, in our community in Cottonwood County."

"The course was WONDERFUL!!  The most valuable skills I learned were cornering and stopping.  Riding on the range gives a better feel for real-life instances.  Thanks for everything.  I learned a lot."

"The BRC was very good.  I learned many skills and things to make into habits to be a safe and good rider."

"I liked the safety and organization.  Thank you for the great weekend.  I will refer you to all who are interested."


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Created on June 13, 2008.

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